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Welcome to Inside the Cockpit

Every pilot comes through their aviation career from a different perspective and path. But, we all have things in common: basic skills we need to acquire and experiences we must go through.

Our website is designed to be a place for those pilots who never want to stop learning. Nothing should be lost from another person’s experience. Our goal is to be a resource for continued growth and learning for you…the Professional Pilot. You may be an Airline Captain with 20,000 hours in heavy jets or a brand-new student working on your Private Pilot License in a C-152. We all started from the same place! read more…


 Articles and Reviews

Our group of contributors will discuss relevant topics facing pilots from all segments of the aviation world.  Some of the topics will include:

  • Reading METAR reports
  • Private Pilot checkride prep
  • New FAA medical requirements
  • Review of airline pilot supplies
  • Airline interview prep